soft Xpansion International, with the assistance of USAID, has introduced a modern electronic document management system in the Mariupol Center of Administrative Services

soft Xpansion International, with the assistance of USAID, has introduced a modern DMS in the Mariupol Center of Administrative Services.

Thanks to the orchestrated efforts of the soft Xpansion International team and the project “Strengthening of public trust”, the Center of Administrative Services (CAS) of Mariupol has introduced an electronic document management system (DMS) based on its own software product, sX-Space.Government: ASC.

The key advantage of the new electronic document management system is the functionality of the Center of Administrative Services (CAS).

The external part of the system is being prepared for starting and will be implemented as a corporate portal (site), thanks to which the following information has become available: general information on CAS, operating mode, news, and background information on services. From now on, you can download document templates, check the status of processing calls, etc. The portal interface has a design adapted to mobile devices. All this will significantly accelerate and facilitate the interaction of the population with the state institution.

The internal part of the system is designed for the work of the CAS-administrators and the specialists of the subjects providing the administration services; it provides for ramified functionalities: automation of the processes for handling requests from customers; monitoring the processing of applications; reporting; maintaining a reference-book of resort subjects; a reference-book of administrative services and a reference-book of CAS staff; automated creating of application forms, descriptions of documents received from the applicant, etc., scanning of documents directly to the electronic card, the possibility to configure automatic informing the clients about the processing status of services, the attributive and full-text search, and much more.

“Thanks to the system of electronic document flow of the CAS, we hope to enter a qualitatively new level of service to the population,” Elena Paramonova, head of the Mariupol Center of Administrative Services, says.

In many respects, the implementation of this large-scale project became possible thanks to the project “Strengthening public trust”, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

“Perfect management, economic development and powerful social changes are now a priority. And on this way, our desire and enthusiasm are not enough – it is important to attract qualified specialists and investments from reliable partners to the process. We are glad that we managed to find all the components of success!”, Alexander Kochurin, deputy mayor of the city of Mariupol, summed up.