Community budget E-system from soft Xpansion Ukraine produces first results

More than 15 thousand people cast 27 thousand online votes for 293 projects! Such is the outcome of using the new Community Budget voting system.

The Community Budget e-system was developed by soft Xpansion Ukraine within the framework of the Swiss-Ukrainian E-Governance for Accountability and Participation Program (EGAP) funded by the Swiss Confederation and implemented by the East Europe Foundation and the Innovabridge Foundation.

The Community Budget is a democratic process that enables direct involvement of citizens in the distribution of the municipal budget by means of introducing community oriented projects and holding an open public vote on such projects with subsequent project implementation funding.

The terms of the Community Budget process are determined by each individual town (community). Some of the processes differ considerably – from the amount of projects and their names to the voting arrangement. The Community Budget e-system is designed to accommodate all such differences.

Besides, the developers, soft Xpansion Ukraine, designed it in such a way that the webpage of each community could visually differ from those of others.

The system uses a simple and yet safe authorization procedure – Bank ID and e-signature. It protects against possible fraud and multiple voting. There are also special filters that help solve the issue of vote duplication when importing the results of paper-based voting.

The new Community Budget portal served as a platform for the first Ukrainian voting for regional projects. In September, 189 projects were voted for in Poltava region. About 4 thousand citizens used the e-system.

The system is being constantly improved. In the near future, the second release of the portal will be launched to introduce numerous features for administrators, easy-to-use tools for users and helpful information for analysts and observers.